— Kevin Jackson Acting Studio

The Woman In The Window by Alma de Groen

September 29th to October 29th, 2005
Presented by the New Theatre

Australia in the 23rd century: humanity is blinded by science; there are no countries, only corporations; Shakespeare lies undiscovered deep within the computer archives; and no female poet is ever acknowledged. But in this futuristic world of intellectual terrorism and rigid controls, one young woman fights back. Funny, ironic, thrilling, visionary: THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW celebrates the endurance of the human spirit of creativity. A beautiful play by one of our finest writers at the height of her powers. (by arrangement with RGM Associates)

“striking and compelling … a wonderful play … moving and imaginative … Kevin Jackson has gathered an excellent cast and directs with an expressive, simply physical grammar and utter clarity … Tom Bannerman’s set and Kim Scott’s costumes are delightful and serve the production well.”

- review by Stephen Dunne, SMH. October 1, 2005

Cast: Bard Canning, Les Chantery, Tanya Goldberg, Elaine Hudson, Belinda Sculley, Amber Todd, Lucy Taylor

Crew: Set: Tom Bannerman; Lighting: Michael Schell; Costumes: Kim Scott; Sound: Pete Neville; Asst. Director: Kate Wild