— Kevin Jackson Acting Studio

Exploring Performing Arts for People with a Disability in Macarthur

Kevin is working on a pilot project with Campbelltown Arts Centre that aims to introduce people with a disability to performance based arts – theatre and acting – in the three Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Macarthur. The project is about the core and growth of the individuals involved, taking a person centred approach to celebrate people with a disability. Key components of the project are as follows:

  • Initial meetings and workshops will take place between June and November in a venue in the LGA where participants live.
  • Two separate weeks of rehearsals at Campbelltown Arts Centre are scheduled for 11-16 November and 3-7 December.
  • Public performance in the week of International Day of People with a Disability, December 2012

Once the three groups of participants are established, Kevin will work with each group, teaching his approach to acting and shaping the work to be performed in December 2012.

The project will take shape through initial meetings with the partners and the participants and then regular sessions with Kevin that draw on participants’ interests, connections and skills. This process begins with conversations in which participants develop an understanding and learning about themselves that is essential to the art of acting. These sessions will grow into workshops and will determine a performance that embodies the particular attributes of the participants. This process reflects Kevin Jackson’s approach to people, acting and teaching.

While the project hinges on process rather than the results, the final performance directed by Kevin Jackson is also important and will be fully supported by Campbelltown Arts Centre.