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iO Myers Theatre, March 6th – 10th, 2012

Presented by the Creative Practice and Research Unit at the School of English, Media and Performing Arts, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, UNSW
iO Myers Theatre, UNSW Kensington Campus


THE OTHER SHORE offers a profoundly limitless meditation on the human species, its journey through time and the unceasing tension between our identity as individuals and that of being part of a collective.

The play begins with a game, demonstrating our interdependence on and independence of each other. Then begins a journey across the river to its other shore, where, in a state of complete loss of any past knowledge, we begin a meditation on the creation of humankind and its journey of evolution. This is a distinctly Eastern contemplation that has reminded us of the Western PILGRIM’S PROGRESS or the medieval mystery play EVERYMAN.

Writer Gao Xingjian was born in China in1940 and so lived through one of the great experiments in the organisation of the human species: that of Communist China. Ultimately, the tension between his self expression and the pressure to conform to the Chinese government placed him in an intolerable position. Since 1987 Gao has lived in self-exile in France. He is one of the great writers of his society, winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2000 for his novel SOUL MOUNTAIN.

We have found THE OTHER SHORE to be staggeringly complex: a Buddhist contemplation, perhaps, attempting to explicate who we are and what our evolution is as a conscious species. We, the company, have begun an exploration of this great text. It has been and still is a humbling experience and we are sure you will be confronted and inspired by it.

Translated by Gilbert C. Fong this production of THE OTHER SHORE is a first in Sydney (Australia). Recent films, THE TREE OF LIFE, MELANCHOLIA have been mainstream examinations of who we are and what our journey through time may be. This play, similarly, proposes a provocation for us all to ask questions of ourselves and our own collective society and our roles in it.

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New Theatre, 7 February – 3 March 2012

Australian Premiere presented by the New Theatre

Long before Stonewall, a few brave men spoke up. In the closeted USA of the early 1950s, ‘temperamental’ was code for ‘homosexual’, part of a secret language that gay men used to communicate. The Temperamentals is the story of Harry Hay and Rudi Gernreich, who fell in love while forming America’s first gay rights organisation, The Mattachine Society. History is brought to life in this intelligent, sexy and entertaining mix of politics, camp humour and emotional candour

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Creative Team: Director -  Kevin Jackson; Set Designer – Tom Bannerman; Lighting Designer -  Brenda Hartley; Cast -  Mark Dessaix, Doug Hansell, Ben McIvor, Brett Rogers and Daniel Scott

Performance Times
7 – 19 February: Wed – Sat @ 8pm, Sun @ 5pm
22 February – 3 March: Wed – Sat @ 8pm, Sat @ 2pm

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All photos © Bob Seary

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“The HubStudio is proud to present a new standard in acting classes. This is the second in an inaugural series by one of Australia’s leading teachers, designed to keep the working professional actor on top of their game. The new Actor’s gym” - Oliver Wenn, Studio Curator

Start: Monday 23rd January 2012
Finish: Monday 19th March 2012

Duration: 3hrs each week (7pm -1 0pm) for 8 weeks
(non-consecutive, the course runs 8 nights over a 10 week period)

Where: Old 505 Theatre – 505/342 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, 2010

Cost: $280.00

For application please send you C.V. to info@thehubstudio.com.au.
Due to the nature of the course it is by invitation only.

For more information or queries please call:
Oliver on 0411 160 556 or
Natalie on 0431 672 386 or alternatively email us on the above address

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Enrollments Open

Over 8 weeks, beginning with a general public demonstration of Kevin’s unique technique in approaching work, ten actors will go on to participate in a weekly evening class, working on scenes from the world canon and a process of text exploration, culminating in a showing for friends and family at the end of the series at the Stables Theatre.

These classes are for professional actors, who feel a need to refresh and stimulate their craft skills. The objective of the classes is maintaining and vitalising a work process, the Creative Habit, for industry readiness.

The class is strictly limited to 10 places.

When: Sunday 18 March, then Mondays 26 March – 30 April (7-10pm), concluding with a presentation Sunday 6 May

Where: SBW Stables Theatre/ Griffin Offices

Cost: $480

To enrol: visit Griffin Theatre’s workshop link

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