— Kevin Jackson Acting Studio

The Joan Project

Saint Joan at the Genesian Theatre

Kevin Jackson will direct SAINT JOAN by G.B. Shaw at the  GENESIAN THEATRE commencing a season opening Saturday 3rd November, 2012.

Auditions for this production will be held in August. Dates are not yet decided. Interested artists should contact the Genesian Theatre at their web site for more information.

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Public Lectures and Demonstration Classes

In conjunction with this production the GENESIAN THEATRE will present a series of public lectures and demonstration classes by Kevin Jackson under the umbrella title THE JOAN PROJECT.

The first event for THE JOAN PROJECT will take place at the Genesian Theatre on Saturday the 2nd June, 2012.

The first program will consist of  two talks and a lunch:

  1.  An introductory talk on Medieval History by Dr Jennifer Carpenter from the Australian Catholic University, at 10am. A Q&A will follow.
  2. Lunch Break at 12 noon.
  3. An introductory talk to the life and work of G.B. Shaw by Ken Healey, a lecturer on the History of Theatre at the University of NSW and at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) at 1 pm.
    A Q&A session will follow.

It will conclude at approximately 3pm.

All welcome. Interested audience, please contact the Genesian Theatre for more details.

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